Creation of the garden

n 1997 our stables stood empty because of pig fever in our region. Suddenly we had no work and no income. Theo built a garage that was planned for and I started working in de garden of an acquaintance. It was there where my love for gardening en plants grew more and more. I learned a lot about plants and pruning shrubs and trees.

As a gift for my birthday, a member of the family gave me a garden design course. I was very enthusiastic about it. The last assignment of the course was to design your own garden. Next to our stables was a piece of grass land witch I used for my design. My course leader thought that is was a nice plan and advised me to create the garden. Well, 40 acres is a large piece of land to begin with. But we started all the same. At first we planted hedges and trees to build the structure of the garden. Later on the rest was planted in phases.

In 2003 the farm ended due to poor prospects and the stables were demolished. Another 40 acres of land to develop the garden. All of our land has turned in to a big garden now and the foundation is practically ready.

In the winter of 2016 - 2017 we sold a part of our garden. In that part we had a big pond but that is gone now. In the beginning I was sad but my housband was not. We have become grandparents of our first grandchild and more will follow. It is nice to know that the biggest danger in our garden is gone. A new lay out is formed. We also had to dig up most of our Boxwood hedges because they were severly damaged by the Boxwood fungus. Those parts of the garden have been replanted. Furthermore we have a concrete garden bench that shows the four seasons. It is made of glass mosaic and it is almost finished.

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